Sound Yeti Artists

Meet some of the artists that turn to Sound Yeti virtual instruments to uncover truth telling musicality and deep inspiration in their creative works. Each crafting their own expression and signature sound, made in part with the energizing tools and sounds from Sound Yeti.


Artist / Producer / Sound Designer

Zardonic makes an enorme entrada as a Sound Yeti artist with his edgy and tradition challenging Beyond the Beat by Zardonic – Method 1 Preset Expansion Pack. Typical of his motivations, Zardonic pushes Method 1 into entirely uncharted territory and does so with masterful musicality. Released 10/2021. It’s this rejection of boundaries which defines the Zardonic approach. Whilst Drum & Bass and Metal have evolved along completely different historical trajectories and draw distinct crowds to unrelated events, they share a stylistic rooting in raw, unadulterated energy and an unabashed tendency to reside on the fringes, neither are mainstream, both make ...

“With my natural inclinations to push things to the limits and beyond, Method 1 really took me by surprise. A totally inspiring musical experience.”

Rene G. Boscio

Composer / Producer / Sound Designer

When it came time to develop the first Expansion Sound Packs for Sound Yeti’s virtual synth engine, Ambition, we reached out to René Boscio to get the job done. Just take a listen to Dawn and Dusk and you’ll hear why it was a good move on our part. Boscio captured and reinforced the essence of Ambition with his pristine, pure and soulful sample production and delivered a sweetly expressive sound palette for composers and sound designers in any genre. Born in Puerto Rico, René G. Boscio is a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He’s contributed music to over 100 episodes ...

“Sound Yeti’s Ambition is the real thing. Expressive and evocative sounds that can easily convey the right mood for the moments you’re trying to create.”

Gilde Flores

Composer / Producer

Gilde has been collaborating with Sound Yeti since the release of Collision FX, Sound Yeti’s first virtual instrument. His work with the company includes sound design and demo compositions for Collision FX. And more recently creating the Ambition – Big Picture Synth Engine, trailer and tutorial. Notably, Gilde is also the composer for the Epic Stock Media (sister company of Sound Yeti) release, AAA Game Music – Soundtrack & Musical Loop Library. As an award winning multi-genre music composer and producer, Gilde Flores is known for his work on The Wolverine, Far Cry 4, as well as his production work ...

“The first sample I played, it was a sure sign that this entire library from Sound Yeti was going to be insane…”

Alberto Trullu

Sound Designer / Composer

Alberto Trullu is an Italian keyboardist and sound designer. He has been inside a synthesis for about 18 years. He started to study inside Kurzweil Vast. At the same time, he joined as a programmer in a keyboardist dedicated page called Space4keys starting the collaboration for making custom sounds for hardware synth and Vst sounds… Next year he joined the online platform, and making a special signature for Mr. Derek Sherinian for specific live sounds..and now for transposing live sounds for Frost* from Korg keyboard to Roland keyboard. He also makes different demos for Vst products like our product ...

“A must-have in composition and live stuff, with deep and intensive sounds that make a difference!!”

David Levy

Composer / Sound Designer

A founding alumni of Sound Yeti, David has been with us since the beginning. Literally… when the Sound Yeti team was making ring-tone apps in the basement, no kidding. He’s been involved with Sound Yeti contributing sound design, demo compositions, some salty attitudes and most recently demos for Revelation Scoring Grand. David also has several releases under the sister company of Sound Yeti, Epic Stock Media, the leader in royalty free game sound libraries, sound effects and bg music for the game development industry. David Levy is based out of Austin, Texas where from his studio he’s been busy as ...

“They seem to come up with the secret sauce with every instrument. Revelation Scoring Grand sounds magnificent and is effortless to use for crafting custom sounds.”

Andreu Jacob

Film Music Composer & Orchestrator / Sound designer

Andreu Jacob (Norway), originally from Barcelona, is considered one of the featured modern composers on the international scene. His interdisciplinary work crosses the boundaries of fine art and live performance and he is highly regarded as an accomplished composer , working at the cutting edge of musical investigation. Multi-awarded composer and orchestrator, has participated in many international Jazz festivals and he has performed in many countries around the world, like ; Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, USA, UK etc. ​ Composer from numerous Soundtracks for films, documentaries, and commercials. His soundtracks have been present in the ...

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