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Modern Modular Hybrid Synth

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The Modern Modular Hybrid Synth

There’s something to be said for mastering the amazing sounds and complex programming of modular synths. In fact, to become a true master, you’ve got to hone your chops and dedicate beaucoup hours (and cash) building and mastering your rig. All in an effort to be able to punch up that sweet spot instantly.

Naaah… Skip all that

That’s where DV8 shines. DV8 delivers the sound, power and creativity of modular (and more), without the budget breaking price tag and time consuming programming.

With DV8, it’s as easy as turning a single knob.

And when you do, it sounds like you’ve become an all knowing, iconic analog synth programmer in the likes of Emerson, Wakeman, Jordan Rudess, Jean-Michel Jarre, Patrick Moraz. For those that doubt it can be so simple, just take a listen. All we can tell you… “If it sounds like you’re a master… You are!” 

Turn the knob. DV8 to Discover

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In Concert with DV8

Explore fresh discoveries made with DV8 by Sound Yeti's creative friends and experience for yourself the musical versatility of DV8. It's an impressive spectrum of styles, genres, textures and sounds. All discovered and expressed with the boldness and inspiration of DV8.

Discover the Evolving Sounds of DV8

Take a listen to examples of the 215 ear-crafted Sound Yeti curated presets on board DV8. Presets are organized by category; Keys, Pads, Basses, Leads, Analog, Experimental, Rhythmic, Atmosphere, Modular for fast and easy sound discovery.

DV8 to Discover

Behind the deceptively simple, neu-vintage UI of DV8 is a powerhouse of trailblazing sound design and discovery. It’s the new starting point for those on a journey to explore uncharted territory in sound, with the turn of a single knob.

Master the Modular with the DV8 Experience

Modular / Eurorack hardware provides customizable signal flows consisting of oscillators, modulators, and sequencers. No doubt these synthesizers provide beautifully textured sounds, but modular gear has always been expensive and today’s analog / Eurorack gear is even more. DV8 draws inspiration from the Eurorack and modular style to bring you sounds and functionality of modular synths without the budget breaking price tag or the time consuming learning curve.

Feature Highlights

  • Key Features

    • Modular concept hybrid synth built on Native Instruments Kontakt 6
    • MAWC system – Macro Automated Wave-shaping Control
    • 215 Sound Yeti designed and curated presets/snapshots
    • Custom DV8tion Modules for each preset 
    • 100 wavetable source sounds – easy to use browser with categories
    • 20 drag and drop user sound slots
    • Automated Structured Discovery (ASD) – sound design randomization
    • Voltage – automation control for 10 sound-shaping parameters simultaneously
    • Flow – macro automation for ADSR shape change
    • Wavetabe Position and Form editing with LFO and ENV modulation
    • 13 Form Type options for deviant wave-shaping
    • Dual Arpeggiators with independent patterns, steps, velocity, gate, 
    • 39 fully editable preset arp patterns plus one randomized
    • Custom reverb with 20 environments plus room/hall for each
    • 58 delay effects presets, 5 delay types
    • Sound Yeti Preset Recall System for delay and reverb effects
    • Advanced Devi8tion preset design – avail with Kontakt Full version only 
    • Nothing else to buy – Licensed for NI Kontakt 6 Free Player
    • Qualifies for crossgrade discounts from Native Instruments
  • Whats inside

    • 1 Master NKI template
    • 215 snapshots / presets, designed by Sound Yeti
    • 181.4 MB of uncompressed .wav files
    • 100 dynamic synthetic and organic wavetable sample sources
    • Custom reverb with 20 environments plus room/hall for each
    • 58 delay effects presets, 5 delay types
    • Unlimited user snapshots
    • 1 Advanced Sound Design template (for use with full version of Kontakt only)


  • System Requirements

    Powered by KONTAKT 6 ver 6.6.1 or later
    Includes KONTAKT 6 Player – Nothing else to buy
    Native Instruments NKS Ready with KOMPLETE KONTROL & MASCHINE
    Full integration with Komplete S-Series keyboards and hardware
    Use as a standalone virtual instrument plugin VST-AU-AAX plugin or with popular DAWs like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase etc.

    Minimum System Requirements:
    KONTAKT Player Or KONTAKT 6 Full Version 6.6.1 or higher
    MacOS 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 or 10.15 (latest update), i5, 4 GB RAM
    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 4 GB RAM

    Recommended System Requirements
    KONTAKT Player Or KONTAKT 6 Full Version 6.2.2 or higher
    Mac OS X 10.12 and higher (latest update), 8 GB RAM Intel Core i5 or i7, i9
    Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU, 8 GB RAM

DV8 Dual Arpeggi8ors
An endless flow of ideas and creativity

Perhaps you’re inclined to Tangerine Dream or maybe you are an ardent proponent of the Berlin School, hardcore, trance, dub or just groovy pop music. Whatever your creative musical persuasion, you’ll find the DV8 Arpeggi8or a compelling source of rhythmic (and poly-rhythmic) inspiration. 

It’s easy to get a jump start with the Arpeggi8or too, just select from the 39 preset patterns and press play. Or, try randomize patterns to experience the ultimate in exploratory rhythms. 

That’s because DV8s dual Arpeggi8ors are an endless pathway to musical discovery. From simplistic pulsing grooves to ahrrythmic experimentations. Most importantly you’ll be generating patterns that you’d never discover on your own, left to your own devices. 

DV8’s dual Arpeggi8ors feature fully independent editable patterns with programmable step velocity, independent number of steps per pattern (1 to 16), independent gate slider; for setting relative note length and of course, dual Arpeggi8ors are easily mixed to your liking with DV8’s master blend and gain controls.  

And for added creativity and control, the dual Arpeggi8ors are coupled with advanced master controls like; Stereo – random note placement within the stereo field, Swing – note timing offsets for different feels, Latch – arp keeps playing after key release, Octave – sets the range in which to repeat the patterns, from -3 to +3. And for even more arp deviations, explore DV8’s 10 Arp Pattern settings like Up, Up & Down, Zig Zag Up & Down and As Played and Random for beautiful and unexpected musical results.


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DV8 Arpeggiator

DV8ors Bring the Feedback

Once you've experienced DV8's modular sound design with the instantly gratifying satisfying big knob automation and sound-shaping controls, you'll be inclined to talk about it too. Here's what DV8ors are saying...

Straight up. I love it!



Five stars! Loved working with DV8 (beta). The sound design possibilities are limitless, and the GUI is extremely intuitive. (Fun to use too)



I really like the original approach that DV8 takes, the randomize function is a cool way to explore the sounds of the synth and a fantastic tool to release the creativity.
Another thing that I really liked is how fast you can create and edit sounds, you can move from a small keyboard sound to a massive braam with just one turn of a dial/click.
For all the possibilities that DV8 offe…

Jim T


DV8 is an awesome synth! Perfect for what I wanted: to create hard bass sequences and more…

Davide Paterno


E x p a n s i v e. In both sound and inspiration the DV8 is large and in charge. When you can spend hours twiddling two knobs because in all the ways they warp the sound you know you have found a gem. A VST that doesn’t just sound good but looks good too. Not enough people value a good VST GUI and DV8 has that in spades. 10/10 would recommend, nay. WILL RECOMMEND. ACTIVELY RECOMMENDING.



The presets (beta) were quite good, excellent and inspiring starting points, The flow and voltage knobs are great features to tweak and play with the sounds of course and I also like how DV8’s sound design works very well in combination with Ambition. Sound Yeti, you definitely did a great job on DV8 and I look forward to the release!



DV8 Delivers! What I love most about this synth is its ease of use. Programming sounds has never been easier. You can dial in a great sound with minimal effort. Sound Yeti has yet to disappoint me (and I have all their instruments)! Another great release from the Sound Yeti Team! 

Patrick Carbone


Well, after checking it out (beta), I’m going rethink some of my future plugin investments. So versatile I’ll be able to use it on many many projects. The UI is “wow” and def makes it enjoyable to use. Sounds like its’ really expensive. Well done guys.

Vee Jay


So deceptively simple, so instantly powerful! DV8 has a very unique, very characteristic, wonderful sound of its own. Versatile for almost any style of music. I’m thrilled to have been part of the sound design team behind it! Way to go Sound Yeti.



DV8, It sounds fantastic! Very unique and versatile, also the UI and Big Knobs are amazing! I love it. 



Video Demos

Experience the sound of DV8 up close and in the studio with video demos and performances.

DV8 Synth Plugin Modular

Go Ahead... Turn The Knob
DV8 to Discover
All New Modern Modular Hybrid Synth
From Sound Yeti

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