What We Do

We Create Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries that Sound Different for Music Productions, Composers and Producers.

A progressive a group of audio visual Nerds from across the US. We are driven to bring projects to life with a highly skilled and battle tested team.

We have the knowledge & expertise to craft anything from Custom Virtual Instruments, High quality source sound material for game and film audio productions.

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    Its Extremely important to understand and follow the vision. This is our compass and guiding star.

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    It’s in our nature, we cannot do anything but it. We love creating unique and original things!

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    We want more than just the basics. We strive to exceed the expectations in everything we do!

Our Team
Andrew Scudder - Co-Founder - Sound Yeti

Andrew Scudder

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Andrew is a motivated and passionate builder of things. Andrew also Co-Founder of Epicstockmedia uses his Creativity as a staple in his out of box development process by connecting the dots in ways not before thought. With a take no prisoners attitude he drives projects forward to success. Andrew’s strengths are Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Creative Direction, Content Creation, Team Building, and being weird.

Ultimately, Andrews main goal is to inspire and motivate people helping propel them to their destiny and becoming the best they can be.

Collin Scudder

Co-Founder – Composer & Sound Designer

Collin is a highly skilled professional with plenty of expertise in sound design and audio engineering. Co- Founder of Epicstockmedia he demonstrated success creating original music and sound effects for video games, films, and commercials. His Proven ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, consistently delivering exceptional results within tight time constraints. Collin Passionate about creating high quality music and sound effects. Driven to go above and beyond expectations to achieve goals.

Collin Scudder - Co-Founder - Sound Yeti
John Scudder - Co-Founder - Sound Yeti

John Scudder

Co-Founder – Branding & Marketing
John Is the perfect example of outside of the box thinking. Co- Founder of Epic Stock Media his growth-oriented mind helps companies that need results-driven marketing and digital leadership and expertise in translating strategic objectives into business results using communications, technology, digital media, branding and marketing strategies. He also likes long walks on the beach.

Marty Meinerz

Composer and Sound Designer

Marty is a sci-fi and video game nerd who has been writing music and making noises since he was a tall, awkward child. Fast forward through a degree in Game Design with a Sound Concentration, dropping out of a master’s degree in Digital Cinema, and you will find a career that has seen Hollywood movie trailers, network music placements, zombie toys, cheesy movies, heartfelt documentaries, fun video games, lots of coffee, and lots of learning.
Currently living in Chicago with his wife (kissy face emoji), and dog Boba Fetch. He has grown into a tall, awkward adult that spends most of his free time absorbing games/movies/shows/books/bourbon, learning piano, and trying to write personal bios that are entertaining and reflect who he is as a person.

Marty Meinerz - Sound Yeti
David Levy - Sound Yeti

David Levy

Composer & Sound Designer

David has worked as a sound engineer/ mixer/ producer under the legendary Tony Bongiovi (Madonna, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey) and Doug Lubahn (the Doors, Billy Squier) at Power Station Studios for over 8 years. He was also fortunate to work closely with Bob Katz and Ron “Saint” Germain (311, Muse, Bad Brains, Creed). His professional roots were planted in the Orlando entertainment scene with tracking and mixing countless music artists, composing for giants like Disney and Verizon and doing sound design, engineering and production for album collections, TV shows & video games.

Jim Tenneboe

Composer & Sound Designer

Jim’s skills and history are so extensive it would require a serious e-book just to start. That being said as a musician, I.T. expert and fabulous person there is no one better. He’s the real deal at every level of music and anything Apple.

Jim Tenneboe - Sound Yeti
Austin Ban - Sound Yeti

Austin Ban

Graphic Design & Branding

ENFP – Enneagram 7 – Avid Hobbyist
Travel powered by bike, burritos, and coffee, Austin loves stories, HTML, SCSS, food, friends, and finding ways to combine them all.

Duncan Ferguson

Sound Designer & Mixing & Mastering

From years spent living in the Canadian wilderness with only vinyl records and a hockey stick to keep him company, he is both an audiophile at heart and a die hard hockey fan. He could talk your ear off on both subjects so watch out… With a master’s degree from McGill University, in Sound Recording, Duncan naturally gravitated to audio research as a calling. Duncan uses his undergraduate degree in music to fully represent the mechanics of the audio and sound sources he engineers. His classical music recording background and day job with touring and tuning large line array PA systems in all acoustic environments and his enjoyment of, and skill at, critical listening are a perfect fit needs of developing audio resources. Duncan is also a mastering engineer and has mastered many projects, in a wide variety of genres out of his space in East Nashville. Duncan over the years has amassed a collection of equipment and microphone techniques to capture the essence and flare that acoustic environment can bring to a sound source via impulse responses.

Duncan Ferguson - Sound Yeti