Coming Soon! April 2020

Your Ambition - Your Sound Naming Contests is On

AMBITION – Original Trailblazing Cinematic Sound. Made just for you, an ultra inspiring combination of sounds from other worlds. Built as an All In One Synth Engine that will create a new  world of sound – your world of sound. Ambition redefines soundscape creativity.

  • 200+ snapshots
  • 250 uniquely sampled source patches
  • 3 powerful Global Performance Effects
  • 25 custom impulse responses
  • More details to come soon
  • Join the wait list to qualify for special intro deals

SCORE Your world

Advanced Sound Design

In a moment, create timeless, emotion-filled strings, evolving pads, and catchy melodic keys. Experience stunning balanced and insanely rich and dynamic sounds. Engage a simple and beautiful interface that enables you to make the perfect sound for your production. Power & performance are ready to feed your ambition.

ambition vst lfo


The Ambition engine enables you to have full control and extensive sound layering capabilities, Enjoy channel LFO modulation & FX, Dual Band Delay and revolutionary X/Y Performance Effects. Progressive editing features are at the ready for the sound tweakers among us. Ambition is unparalleled power, performance and your new blueprint for industry-leading film scoring & music production.

Performance X/Y chaos pads

Customize to expand your sonic horizons in ways never before possible. These state of the art X/Y chaos pads combines ultramodern dual channel processing along with powerful designer backed effects and processors. Ultimately giving you the flexibility to create the double D’s… aka “Different Dynamics” for your Inspiring sounds for all types of music production.

Featured Highlights

  • Powerful Synth Engine
  • Inspiring sounds for all types of music production
  • 200 Snapshots
  • 252 patches (Uniquely sampled)
  • 5+ GB of Samples (uncompressed)
  • 1 Master NKI
  • 3 powerful Global Performance Effects
    Global Performance Effects
  • 25 custom impulse responses
  • Interface for patch-layering
  • Intuitive browser menu for easy navigation
  • Full-featured LFOs per patch, with syncing and waveforms
  • Envelopes with ADSR-style for advanced sound design & shaping
  • The performance-oriented interface allows for seamless patch layering
  • Full FX Modulation
  • Tempo Sync – lock into your DAW’s tempo
  • Per Channel Effects 
  • Global Effects 
  • Customize your keyboard layout with combine or split mode
  • Complete A/B synth capabilities
  • Multiple layers of filters
  • Use as a Standalone Virtual Instrument Plugin VST-AU-AAX Plugin or with Popular DAWs like Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase etc.
  • Powered by KONTAKT 6 ver 6.1.1 or later
  • Includes KONTAKT 6 Player – Nothing Else to Buy
  • Native Instruments NKS Ready with KOMPLETE KONTROL & MASCHINE
  • Easy integration with Komplete S-Series keyboards and Hardware
  • Qualify for special cross-grade deals from Native Instruments
  • Sleek High-Resolution GUI


Coming Soon! April 2020