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Method 1 Instant Beat Making
Sample Library Review gives Method¹ strong marks for creativity, ease of use and flexibility.

Sample Library Review, one of the most respected publishers of in-depth reviews of music plugins and sample libraries has recently published a product review of Sound Yeti’s Method¹ – Beat Making Inspired Virtual Drum Machine. In his review, Sam Bart took a deep dive into Method¹ and spoke about his experience using it for the first time.

Sam kicks off the article explaining how Method¹ isn’t meant to be a real drum kit replacement. Instead he says, “Method¹ hearkens back to classic hardware drum machines and their glorious one shots. Although retro in approach, it is far from it in the sounds used, which are bang up to date and with all the flexibility of what a software drum machine engine should offer in 2020.” Sam’s description could not have been more accurate. Method¹ is specifically designed to emulate some of the most respected and classic drum machines such as the Roland TR series, the E-Mu SP-1200, the Linn Drum, and the Akai S900 and MPC samplers to name a few.

Accelerated Beat Making

After only hearing the demos, My first time using Method¹ I remember feeling slightly overwhelmed by the scope of the plugin. As Sam explains the different aspects of the plugin, he talks about the first time experience this way, “All this may seem a bit overwhelming in terms of complexity, but within an hour or so it becomes second nature and a lot of fun to work with.” That’s exactly what I experienced. Within an hour I found myself in hyper creative mode and seriously accelerating my beat making process… Method¹ is fast and fun to use for sure.

As new users of Method¹ both Sam and I appreciated a feature called Core. This is a powerful part of Method¹ that provides the option to change the processing style on each individual sample and Core is what really powers the sound design process. Choose from; clean, close room, lo-fi, slow, smash, tape, and tube styled sounds of your selected sample. The Core combined with the huge array of samples and the on-board filter, drive, and reso controls alone, give users an insane amount of control over drum sound design.

Method¹ is a Powerhouse

The bottom line on Method 1 from Sam Burt at Sample Library Review is strong. “Method¹ is a powerhouse of fresh sounding beats wrapped up in a versatile drum machine. It’s a one stop shop for creating banging beats at speed, with a firm focus on hip hop, trap, modern pop and old school boom bap.”

Well said I’d say. One of Sound Yeti’s own tag lines for the product says it all for me, “Instant Beat Making Genius” (imho). Shoutout to for a super thorough and great review of Method¹. Check out the full story here. It’s worth the read.

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