Organic Drums & Percussion by Todd Bragg

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Step into the wild side of acoustic drums and world style percussion with this dynamic collection of organic drum samples and loops produced by drummer Todd Bragg, (Crowder, Caedmon’s Call). This all original was recorded in the heart of Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, with engineer Brendan St. Gelais. Together the duo has produced some of the best sounding natural textured drum sounds available anywhere. 

Organic Drums & Percussion sounds sample pack by Todd Bragg - Photo by Harrison Maxwell


  • Includes 320+ artisan drum, percussion loops & one-shots
  • Delivered in 48khz/24bit .wav
  • All files form, key & bpm labeled
Key features

Dive into rhythms that communicate texture, emotion and excitement. These samples preserve and honor the soul of sound that gets lost so often in the digital world. Organic Drums & Percussion keeps it real.

Feel The Rhythms Of The World

Organic Drums & Percussion features 12 hybrid drum kits that include traditional drums, found objects & world drums such as the Pandeiros, Surdos, Zabumbas, Doumbeks, Bells, Tambourines, Mallets, Toms, Crashes, Metal Lids, Bass Drums, Cajon, Frame Drum, Shakers, Cymbals, and more. This multi-cultural acoustic sample pack is inspired by instruments all over the world. It covers a spectrum of drum sounds from simple to more complex, and nuanced rhythms while still being usable & versatile in many styles of music. 

All files were mastered & professionally produced in a high quality 48k/24bit .wav file format and are ready for action in any DAW, sampler, and plugin. The library has been organized into understandable folders & all files are meticulously key-formed, key-tagged, and bpm mapped for ease of use in your next production. All files are 100% Royalty-Free and can be used with any music production you can throw at it. If you are interested in taking action to sound better, this is the sound library for you.

Product Details:

  • 323 loops & one-shots
  • 125 loops
  • 198 one-shots
  • 508 MB of samples
  • 29+ minutes of sound
  • All in high-quality 48k/24bit .wav file audio format
  • Includes Soundminer Metadata
  • All files form, key & bpm labeled
  • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Compatible with PC/Mac and all DAW’s
Product details
Product Number: SY-ODTB
Current Version: 1.0
Total File Size: 508 MB
Number of Sound Files: 323 audio files
Format and Resolution: .WAV 48k 24bit
Lapsed Time: 29m
Product Metadata: Soundminer
Product Type: Sample Pack
License Type: Single User License – Sound Yeti EULA – for a multi-user license, click here. If a Student or Instructor — Apply for the EDU Program.

What people say

Jacob Meador

There are so many great sounds and creative loops in the Organic Drums and Percussion collection. Highly recommended.

Garett Buell

These are the best sounding and out of the box, creative percussion samples I have heard yet. So much thought and attention to detail with every file. – Organic Drums & Percussion By Todd Braggs

Don Chaffer

Brilliant, colorful, new flavors! These loops in Organic Drums by Todd Braggs can function like you think of loops functioning, but with tones/flavors that re-invent percussive roles. They also feature rhythms you’ve probably not always used, but are curated still to be useful. Great stuff!

Andrew Osenga

This Todd Bragg Organic Drums pack is killer. The tones are really unique, not just more snares and kicks. And the grooves are super lively and usable. One of my favorite sample packs this year. Amazing tones and grooves!

Jacob Meador

Killer sounds. There are so many great sounds and creative loops in the collection. Highly recommended – Organic Drums & Percussion by Todd Bragg

Albert Ramirez

Five stars for Todd Bragg Organic Drums!