Collision FX

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Collision FX – Cinematic Scoring Tool delivers an exceptional palette of sounds to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements that absolutely get noticed. Create breathtaking cinematic sounds, hybrid sound effects and orchestrated elements with ease. Includes KONTAKT Player – Nothing else to buy – Ready to use out of the box. ON SALE NOW.

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What people say

Eric Johnson

Love it. Got Collision FX for a good sale price. cool sounds, very useful and awesome sound modulations.

Eric Heitmann

Collision FX is a wonderful collection of cinematic sounds, love the design and the ease of use! They are really bringing my compositions to life. Thank you!


I can’t wait to try out these epic samples. Thanks Sound Yeti!

Joseph Goldsmith

Collision FX has a great library full ambiance, hits, rises, falls, you name it! Whether you are looking for subtlety or grinding action within the mix, Collision FX can deliver.

George Sideris

Collision FX gives users the potential to create ethereal impacts and morphing ambient soundscapes with great ease. Fast too!

Jussi Huhtala

Cutting edge toolbox! Complete perfection!

Tyler Gillis

Collision FX is a collection of high quality hybrid scoring sounds with an easy to use interface that any composer or sound designer would benefit in having in their sample libraries.

Frank W

This is killer!

Zoltan Nagy

Collision FX it’s been a great tool for me in my cinematic type of compositions, I would say that the vibe I am getting from it it’s more on the darker/futuristic /scary /very hunting/Alien-like /NASA crew stuck in the deep space with a deadly virus type of Sci-Fi/Horror vibe, Collision FX could be great for many cinematic scenarios but IMHO it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted 🙂 if it used with the right images/content, then it will surely give the audience the chill crawling up on their spine while they sitting on the edge of their seat 🙂 creating futuristic, apocalyptic landscapes for an underscore or setting the right mood/vibe with some hunting drones and sound design elements/FX, hard hitting/bone crushing hits for a trailer cue its all there. Sometimes I even layer it up with some other 3rd party VST’s, blend them together to get even more customized combinations of sounds. Collision FX is great. It’s been in my template for a while now, always find something useful and inspiring. There’s just way to much great sounding stuff in there. You’ll have to try it 🙂

Steven Calhoun

A much deeper library than I expected. Well done!

John Leitch lll

Extremely useful, beautifully recorded, and very cost effective too!


I'm intrigued by this plugin. I bought it for some sound design and remix work and it's much much deeper than I expected. It will take me a while to dig into its entirety, Totally worth the $$$.

Gilde Flores

The first sample I triggered was a sure sign that this entire library was going to be insane. The deeper I dug, I realized I had completed at least 3 pieces of trailer music/sound design in half the time it takes just digging for sounds. This library is now a “go to” when it comes to any hybrid work, or for even a quick spark of inspiration. Absolutely a must have!

James Shiveley

I’ve used Collision FX on multiple films. It’s a great tool for any film composer to give their score that big budget sound. If I’m ever short on ideas or I don’t know how to approach a scene, Collision FX is my weapon of choice. Just build a foundation to the score, and reach another level. With so many sounds and textures you won’t ever lose your creative edge.

Chris Dudley

Whether it’s for film scoring or writing for Underoath, I don’t have another tool that’s as versatile as Collision FX. I love the easy sidechaining, insane reverbs, and with the insane amount of samples included, I don’t think I’ve even scratched the surface. Damn.

Adi Goldstein

Collision FX is an absolutely brilliant library! Excellent & well-designed Kontakt interface, easy and fast to use. All presets and sound manipulation options are superb and endless, deep & creative! It’s just amazing how Sound Yeti gets to create all those amazing sounds and textures. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised! Highly, highly recommended!

SoundBytes Magazine

This KONTAKT library provides endless inspiration for starting tracks or to just add that sprinkling of fairy dust to bring a track together. If you haven’t got this library then what are you waiting for …buy it.

Pro Audio Files

There are some rich and powerful sounds possible with this instrument and it’s particularly suited for scoring trailers and action sequences.

Ian Brown

I will be using this awesome new program to further my sound and production level… This program looks so futuristic… can’t wait to play around with it and see what I can make!

Michael Lyon

After listening to the sound demo’s of Collision FX, it seems that Sound Yeti has created an awesome instrument full of innovation that will be an inspiration for years to come. Thank you Sound Yeti, I can’t wait to play Collision FX, and break some new sonic barriers!

David T

Collision FX is great! Good stuff and I don’t need another orchestra fx plugin. Coin-operated sound packages need big stuff and Collision FX meets that criteria.


A Swiss army knife of tweak-ability, Collision FX offers many options to further sculpt some really great sounds.