Deep Fried Drum Kit

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Deep Fried Drum Kit sound library includes 307 authentic hip hop drum one shots featuring flavored dusty kicks, crunchy vinyl and hard hitting snares, crispy bright hi-hats and all the essentials to build old school, Boom Bap, and underground beats, instrumentals, drum kits, and vintage sounding drum grooves.

Deep Fried Drum Kit hits a wide genre of hip hop drum samples and provides producers with a complete palette of curated professional one shot samples. The collection spans multiple genres like: Grime, Underground, Old School, Hip Hop, East Coast, West Coast, Urban, Vintage Grooves as well as other popular beat oriented music genres. Save time in your next production with authentic, vintage sounding deep fried drums. 

Key features

Drum Sounds Filled with Warmth and Authenticity

The sound palette of Deep Fried Drum Kit is filled with warmth, straight from vinyl, authentic drum sounds with a modern flare for real hip hop heads! The samples are covered in sauce, layers, texture and will give your music the authentic feel, groove and flavor of elite hip hop producers. Inside you get to explore a curated library of choice textured vintage styled hip hop drum one shots, snares, hi-hats and kicks.

Everything is organized into understandable folders and meticulously form, file-named & tagged. We’ve added in Soundminer metadata into the samples to help you find the right sound at the right time. All files are mixed and mastered to give you production ready sounds, out of the box.

All files are Royalty-Free and supplied to you in high quality 24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with drag & drop plugin features.

Product details:

    • 307 one shots
    • 92 MB of samples
    • All in high quality 48k 24bit .wav file format
  • 97 crispy hi-hat one shots
  • 105 dusty kick one shots
  • 15 gritty SFX
  • 105 classic snares
  • Real Dirty Hip Hop One Shot Sample Library
  • 3 minutes of audio
  • Includes Soundminer Metadata
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Compatible with PC/Mac and all DAW’s
  • Warm Authentic Hip Hop Drum Samples


Product details
Product Number: SY-SL-HO-DFDK-031523
Current Version: 1.0
Total File Size:
Number of Sound Files: # Audio Files / # Sound Files / # Sound Effects Files
Format and Resolution: .WAV 48k 24bit
Lapsed Time: 00 h 00 m 00 s
Product Metadata: Soundminer
Product Type: Sound Library
License Type: Single User License – Sound Yeti EULA – for a multi-user license, click here. If a Student or Instructor — Apply for the EDU Program.