Iconic Boom Bap

Meet Iconic Boom Bap – The old school hip hop drum power pack. Includes 200+ files of the best Boom Bap kicks, hats, snares and more. With high quality, hard-hitting drum samples, this pack is ready to elevate your beat-making skills instantly.
Check out the demo below to kickstart your beat-making genius today!
Key features

Welcome In the New Iconic Drum Sample King

This powerful pack is the new king of the drum sample game. Warm, Punchy, & Designed hip hop samples. Sound like the underground hip hop legends. Includes 200+ of the best Boom Bap kicks, hats, snares and more. It’s dripping wet with hip hop drum sauce. With a variety of hard-hitting drum samples, you are guaranteed to find instant inspiration for your next beat.

Royalty-Free, High Quality Audio

All sounds are 100% Royalty-Free for you to use in your commercial and non commercial productions. Audio is delivered to you in high quality, 44.1k 16bit .WAV file format. Upgrade your drum arsenal today and give your beats the gift of professional-quality drums!

Product Details

  • Total of 215 files
  • 56 Hats
  • 64 Kicks
  • 79 Snares
  • 12 Percussion
  • 5 Sound FX
  • 2 minutes of audio
  • All in .WAV 44.1 16bit
  • 49.5MB of samples
Product details
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