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475 files included – A sinister and sweet, towering and terrifying epic cinematic movie trailer style sounds and effects collection that imparts an entire revolution of drama and suspense into your cinematic movie and video productions. Okay, that may be a little overstated and over dramatic but, with Bane Cinematics SFX production library, that’s the entire point!

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A beastly sound collection to exaggerate and expand the dimensions of your production with the click of a mouse and for just pennies a click. Don’t let these awesome sounds make you afraid of what’s lurking in the dark corners of your studio or on the magnetic encoding of your hard drive. Instead, harness the corrupting power of the dark and devious Bane Cinematics collection and you’ll be able to paint a picture in amazing audio with this dynamic, ruinous and richly emotive palette of sounds that will become the bane of your villain’s affliction, ruination, and existence.

This hand-curated collection gives you a complete selection of complementary sounds to create massive mash-ups and intense experiences that will raise the blood pressure in your audio consuming victims. Cinematic impacts, risers, thuds, strikes, flybys, whooshes, drones, hums, power shots and hits. With Bane Cinematics you can attack your project head-on and drop some auditory affliction in your next scene of disaster, destruction or despair and do it with style. Get Bane Cinematics and pack a ruinous punch in your next production.

Demo Tracks created with Bane Cinematic’s:

Hybrid Game Cinematic Trailer:

Sci-fi Hero Trailer:

Discerning Evidence:

Product Details:

    • 475+ files
    • 1.78 GB
    • All files in .WAV, 44,100, 16 Bit
    • Designed for Massive Games and Cinematic Films
    • Dark, Sci-fi, Industrial, Horror, Epic, Suspense
  • Brutal Impacts, Risers, Hits, Strikes
  • Whooshes, Flybys. Transitions, Cinematic Matter
  • Ambient Drones, Room Tones, Hums, Haunting Ambiences
  • Reversed Tonals, Metallic, Hollow, LFE Frequencies
  • Distant Kicks, Subsonic Drops, Pre Tails
  • All files are game-ready, mastered and optimized in length, size to reduce game distributions and space.
  • The sounds are free of clipping, always start/end at volume 0 to avoid any clicks or pops, and looping sounds are seamless.
  • Includes embedded Soundminer metadata.
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Total Size of Files:

1.75 GB

Number of Sound Files:

475 Sound Effects Files

Sound Format and Resolution:

.WAV 44.1k 16bit

Lapsed Time:

2 h 42 m

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Product Type:

Sound Library

License Description:

Single User License – Sound Yeti EULA - for a multi-user license, click here. If a Student or Instructor — Apply for the EDU Program.


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  1. rebelnmotion (verified owner)

    Bane, is a classic example of modern day thiller music. Works best when entering, investigating and exiting a scene. For full control over the great sounds load your samples into EXS24 now called sampler in Logic or the photosynthesis enginge. The range is amazing for the price tag and will work well with tv/film, dark techno, underground trap and Aleotoric sequences.

    Must have for quick detailed work.