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Artifact delivers a unique and eclectic collection of sounds that are both earthy and emotive. 70 snapshots at the ready help you convey subtle harmonic elements, bold textures and leading voices with ease. Ear crafted from 60 discrete sample sources including 15 different acoustic instruments and 10 organic/natural sound sources. All mixed and mangled to produce an extraordinary auditory experience for Ambition.

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  • 60 Original sample sources
  • 70 Snapshots
  • 600 High-quality chromatic samples
  • 1.10 GB of custom samples
  • 10 Evolving
  • 13 Hybrid Keys
  • 29 Pads
  • 9 Pulses & Motion
  • 9 Textures
Key features
Product details
Product Number: SY-EXP-ARTIFACT
Current Version: 1.0
Total File Size: 1.10 GB
Number of Sound Files: 600 High-Quality Chromatic Samples
Format and Resolution: .WAV 48k 24bit
Lapsed Time: N/A
Product Metadata: None
Product Type: Sound Library
License Type: N/A

What people say

Raees Rahim

There’s so much high quality cinematic material to use and customize in Artifact. The presets are a great introduction to the samples, but there’s so much more waiting to be done.

Jason Brown

Love the presets in Artifact. Adds a wonderful smooth feeling to my productions.

Jonathan Bougie-Lauzon

I love the presets in Artifact and I was inspired to create some of mine also with those. I love Ambition.

John Scudder

This expansion pack for Ambition is my favorite as the sounds have their own unique and subtle character and texture. Easy to customize and explore. – Artifact

Eric Greiving

Artifact is a great sounding expansion pack. I’ve loved Ambition since the beginning and the expansion packs are no-brainers for musicians who want to create an ambient atmosphere, soundscapes, drones. I use it as an ambient layer in the background mostly and love it.

Joe Peek

Totally loving the fresh sounds in this latest Ambition expansion, Artifact. Rich, genuinely cinematic tones – a new go-to for my underscores.

cary Marchel

Inspirational sounds right out of the box. A lot of really beautiful sounds included in this expansion, Artifact. Very evocative and playable right out of the box. They’re complex enough to sound captivating by themselves but, unlike a lot of other presets out there, I find these blend in well with the rest of my mix (I’m making deep house/chillout/ambient). Artifact, and Ambition in general, are well worth the price.

Nick Truch

It’s great to be able to load up a preset and tweak it to just what I need for a track. The selection of sounds in Artifact is also really good and helps me find what I’m after fast.

Olaf Krautwurst

Artifact is my first expansion to Ambition and yes, the sounds are great and well crafted. I will take a closer look to the other expansions too in the future.

Michael Scott

Artifact is expansive and interesting. Some great sets of diverse sounds to illuminate many kinds of settings.

Carlos Sanchis

Artifact is a great add-on for Ambition, precious and deep sounds.

Jorge A.