Iconic Film Trailer

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Cause some serious sonic mayhem with Iconic Film Trailer, a modern & powerful curated collection of sought after epic movie trailer styled sound effects. This sound library features over 290+ destructive impacts, stock punchy trailer hits, tense risers, suspenseful long form drones and loops, plus has a boat load of choice transitions, cinematic whooshes, braaams & more.
  • 299 sound effects
  • 4.39 GB of cinematic sound
  • Perfect for movie trailers and cinematic productions.
  • Over 125 minutes of audio FX
  • All in 96k 24bit .wav file format
Key features
Inspired by box office hits like The Avengers, Batman & superhero movies all alike, Iconic Film Trailer sound effects quickly becomes a go to addition to your audio arsenal when working in post production. Included sounds: suspenseful tension drones, big beefy trailer hits, long & short risers, complex to minimal cinematic whooshes, abstract movie synth tones, hybrid textures, transitions, endless drone loops, braaams & more. You get everything you hear in the audio demos minus the movie trailer voices & music background track. The library is organized neatly into popular categories that make it easier to create outstanding immersive cinematic audio experiences. It includes the following folders: Booms, Braaams, Drone Loops, Drones, Impacts, Risers, Synth Tones, & Transitions. All of the sound effects files are designed to make your life easier, production workflow faster and delivered in high quality 96kHz/24bit .WAV file format to maintain top-notch audio fidelity. Plus, a 44.1k 16Bit .WAV version of the entire collection is provided so you never need to convert files. Iconic Film Trailer’s premixed audio is ready to drag and drop into your game and movie trailer. Simply choose the format that suits your project best and unleash destruction!

Product details:

  • 299 sound effects
  • 4.39 GB of cinematic sound
  • Every sound type needed for epic trailers.
  • A cinematic sound designer must have!
  • Perfect for movie trailers and cinematic productions.
  • Over 125 minutes of audio FX
  • All in 96k 24bit .wav file format
  • Includes multiple formats of the entire library: 96k 24bit and 44.1k 16bit .wav
  • Includes Soundminer metadata for easy search capability
  • All royalty-free RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)
  • 17 big bass-y impacts & booms
  • 10 braaam strikes, and tonal horn blasts
  • 48 drone loops
  • 48  long format drones and soundscapes – most over 1+ minutes
  • 53 big movie trailer impacts & title screen hits
  • 50 tension & suspense evoking risers
  • 15 abstract trailer synths & tone SFX
  • 58 pass-bys, transitions & cinematic whooshes
  • Compatible with any DAW
Product details
Product Number: SY-IFT
Current Version: 1.0
Total File Size: 4.39 GB
Number of Sound Files: 299 Audio Files
Format and Resolution:
Lapsed Time: 00 h 00 m 00 s
Product Metadata:
Product Type:
License Type: Single User License – Sound Yeti EULA – for a multi-user license, click here. If a Student or Instructor — Apply for the EDU Program.

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