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Installing new Ambition expansion snapshots.

Installing New Expansion Snapshots

In the Expansion folder, you downloaded and unpacked. Notice the zip files with the word “snapshots.” IE: “Dawn”.

 1. Unzip your snapshots file. “Expansion pack name  –”

2. This will create a folder called the name of your expansion pack. For example: “DAWN”. This folder will have the expansion snapshots. 

3. Located where you installed the plugin Ambition. Inside that folder locate the folder named, “Snapshots”.

Then drag or copy the snapshots to the folder: “DAWN” folder to the Snapshot folder next to the Ambition Factory folder.

4. Finished! The Expansion snapshots are now added to Ambition and you are ready to make some noise.

Navigate to your instance of Ambition in Kontakt and verify that you have all the snapshots. See image and notice DAWN is now above Factory.

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