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I can’t read the rar files when trying to unarchiving.

Unfortunately you have experienced an error when trying to read the RAR files when Extracting or Unarchiving.

The is the most common mistake is by not having a Extractor that cant read the “.rar” file format.

We’ve had good experiences with these unarchiving tools that are readily available and free to use.

DOWNLOAD: The Unarchiver on Mac.
DOWNLOAD: 7zip on PC.

Note** When extracting .RAR files, always and only start with the first file, the #1 file. That will unpack all RAR files and will create one master file (folder structure) for your content.

Others Available: WinZip, ALZip, RAR unarchiver, and others. Just do a little search and you’ll be good to go! Learn more on How to Extracting RARS and Zips.

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