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A collection of warm and emotive melodic presets made from dramatic sample sources. Dawn is an illuminating musical experience for Ambition. Dawn includes a blend of rising and strong hybrid scoring essentials. Dark pads, expressive textures, designed synths, experimental keys, lush modular rhythms and ambient cinematic sounds round out this hybrid expansion sound pack for Ambition.

Listen to the Dawn and Dusk Showcase of Sounds below. Learn more about how Ambition Expansion Sound Packs were created.

  • 60 sample sources
  • 70 snapshots
  • 610 high-quality chromatic samples
  • 2.8 GB of samples
  • 7 Evolving
  • 11 Keys
  • 22 Pads
  • 14 Pulses & Motion
  • 16 Playable Textures
Key features

Product details
Product Number: SY-DAEP
Current Version: 1.0
Total File Size: 2
Number of Sound Files: 600 Sound Files
Format and Resolution:
Lapsed Time: 00 h 00 m 00 s
Product Metadata:
Product Type: Sound Library
License Type:

What people say

Ian Pav

A great set of controllable lanes to help create the right ambience/floor to a piece. – Dawn

Yuta Itani

The Sound Yeti Dawn Expansion Pack for Ambition, takes Ambition sonically to another level of musical and harmonial bliss, with a generous offering of sounds and styles that are suited to more calm, gentle and ethereal themes for use in compositions and soundtracks. It is a no brainer at this price, especially if you already own Ambition and want to take your sounds further. It’s an amazing start to the expansion line and look forward to many more expansions to come!

Jorge A.


Nicholas Rivera

Hybrid scoring at its best. The textures and rhythms in Dawn make this great for that modern techno chase scene or dialing up some dark mood setting. Great for darker scores and getting straight to the nerve of a sonic narrative!